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Supporting, advocating, and promoting our local business-members in the heart of the Florida Keys!

If you are interested in a Marathon Chamber Membership please refer to the following information for Marathon Chamber of Commerce Membership pricing, costs, and fees:

Download an application here.

CHAMBER BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP:               $235.00 per year

If you’re business falls into the financial/banking, lodging, restaurant, insurance, real estate agent, non-profit, or private-individual category please see below for appropriate Member-Dues; thank you.

$40.00 per million in local assets with a minimum of $592.00 and a cap of $1385.00

Up to 25 rooms                                                            $328.00 per year
26 to 50 rooms                                                             $487.00 per year
51 to 100 rooms                                                           $653.00 per year
101 to 150 room                                                           $813.00 per year
151+ rooms                                                                  $949.00 per year

1-50 seating capacity                                                   $235.00 per year
50 + seating capacity                                                   $358.00 per year

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS:                         $120.00 per year      (Associate of Real Estate Company)                                         

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:                                  $120.00 per year     (Business/firms located outside of the Middle Keys)   

CIVIC MEMBERSHIP:                                             $98.00 per year
(Non-profit – civic organization)  

SNOW-BIRD/SUPPORTER MEMBERSHIP:        $100.00 per year

(Individuals not in business who wish to lend support to the Chamber; annual assessment is per person)
Admin & Link Fee’s not necessary for this membership category

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: (One time only)             $35.00
WEB LINK FEE:                                                     **$50.00 or *$30.00
*only $30.00/year if business reciprocates and places Marathon Chamber logo and link on their site
**$50.00/year if business does not wish to reciprocate Chamber’s logo and link