Kathy was born in Fort William, now Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She lived several years in Marathon, Ontario (more black flies and less sun than this Marathon and no palm trees) before moving to southern Ontario. She graduated from the University of Waterloo and then earned a degree in teaching at Queen’s University. After marrying her husband, George, they moved to Ottawa Valley where their three children were born. A job change for George led the family to relocating to the small town of Dowagiac, Michigan.

In Michigan, Kathy and George owned a small farm where they raise a menagerie of animals along with the children. When their youngest was settled in school full-time, they started a small winery to go along with the small sheep farm we had been operating. Several years later, another change in job for George allowed them to make a dream come true! They sold the winery, the farm, and retired the herding dog while preparing to move aboard their 42 foot sailboat.

For the next six months, Kathy and George, along with their youngest child, made their way out of Lake Michigan, down the Erie Barge Canal, out New York City Harbor and on to the Keys. For most of the past four years, they have spent their time in Marathon with the occasional trip north as far as Georgia during Hurricane Season. With their youngest child finishing his home school high school program it was time for Kathy to go back to work while they worked on preparing their sailboat for the ultimate experience, sailing the Caribbean!