The Islands of Marathon are aflutter with the excited, and curious, inquiries into Conch Records latest endeavor, The Marathon Games. Says Cliff Rydell, producer of the Games (and the online Keys Video Directory):

The first round of The Marathon Games will take place the week of June 22-29.  There will be five teams facing off in various activities held in Marathon, Florida.  There will be two contestants per team.  Each team will have one contestant who has never been to the Florida Keys before and one contestant who is a local resident.

Activities will include fishing, spear fishing, kayak racing, other water sports, and scavenger hunts around the area.

The June 22-29 round will be the first of three rounds.  The next two will take place in September and December, before season starts – and when all three rounds are finished Conch Records will edited it all in to a made-for-TV season of 16 episodes which will be marketed to various TV stations around the U.S. and abroad.

Any local business wishing to participate by donating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or by providing prizes for all contestants are asked to contact Conch Records at or by calling 305-587-9830.

All participating businesses and organizations will be featured on the Show.

We’re looking forward to learning about who will be participating in the Games!

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