The Florida Keys
Marathon International Airport
The Florida Keys Marathon International Airport (MTH) was originally built by the United States Navy in the early 1940s to serve as an auxiliary airfield for Naval Air Station Key West. At the end of World War II, MTH became a civilian airport when its ownership was transferred to Monroe County. Over the years, MTH has provided air carrier service through numerous airlines. Currently, the airport is a busy general aviation facility, with approximately 67,000 takeoffs and landings in 2014. MTH is also the home of many companies and tenants. The airport’s total economic impact is approximately $37 million.
Like many airports, MTH is constantly evolving, with several projects either in the planning stages or already in progress. Currently, the airport is constructing a user-fee Customs and Border Protection facility which is scheduled to open in August of 2015. This will allow for MTH to accommodate international arrivals. Additionally, several hangar projects will commence within the next year, which will be a significant enhancement for several of the airport’s current tenants. MTH is an important asset for the Marathon community, and will play a vital role as the city continues to grow and thrive.

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