Business Spotlight: Commerce Corner


We’re committed to delivering the alcohol and other provisions of your choosing. To the place you request within a reasonable time frame and with a reasonable delivery charge.

After spending time within the corporate world and also getting my business degree, I decided to make a change in my life. Start my own company in a city that I have had the opportunity to visit multiple times. There were a few times where I had wished I hadn’t needed to make a trip to get groceries. Or alcohol for the condo I had rented for vacation.  Inspiration struck on a cold winter’s day while living in Boston.

I saw a travel advertisement for Key West. Remembering my experiences and what some people have told me regarding difficulties of getting their groceries and alcohol. Especially when not having a vehicle to get them.  At this moment, my vision for the company morphed. From being a distributor of alcohol to liquor stores and bars into an idea where I would be a delivery services for both vacationers and locals in Key West and the lower Keys up to Marathon.  Whether you are in the lower Keys for vacation, or a local pressed for time, please consider TendBar to deliver groceries, alcohol, and also other provisions to your location.