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KEY WEST, FL- On Monday, October 7, 2013, at 6:30 p.m., the South Florida Symphony Orchestra will present a very special evening of superb classical music, culinary delights  and engaging art at Square One Restaurant located at 1075 Duval Street in Key West.

In an effort to reach a broader audience and expose people to the joys of classical music, the South Florida Symphony is initiating “Tropical Beats,” a new series of tantalizing musical excursions, exporting classical music from a traditional concert setting to a smaller and more intimate experience.  “Sumptuous Serenade” is the first concert of this series.

The concert takes place at the popular Square One restaurant in Key West co-owned by Dominique Falkner, Carmelo Vitale and Carolyn Sullivan. The evening will begin with a reception which will include a glass of prosecco followed by such delicacies as smoked salmon canapé.   Following the reception, guests will head to their tables and savor a four course meal which will be served by Square One chef’s team under the masterful direction of Richard Moody.

Before dessert, patrons will enjoy a performance by members of the Blue Door String Quartet who will perform Beethoven’s Serenade for String Trio, Op. 8.   For their last three concerts, the Blue Door String Quartet has enjoyed sold-out performances.  The music critic, Harry Schroeder, wrote in Solares Hill about one of their concerts,The concert was another in a long and very welcome line of presentations by the Symphony organization of superb, brilliantly played music.”  The serenade will be played by Whitney LaGrange (violin), Amy Kimball (viola), and Arthur Cooke (cello).

Complimenting this musical experience, local Key West artist Markie Pierson will be in attendance to exhibit and discuss his works of art, “  Most of my pieces are exploratory and with as many as my endeavors, playfulness and a sense of humor are part of the equation.”

This unique experience was envisioned by Jacqueline Lorber, CEO and President of South Florida Symphony, “By presenting classical music outside the concert hall in a more casual and intimate atmosphere, people become more comfortable with this type of music.  Through this approach, we will reach out to the community and a new generation of listeners.”

The evening will start with a reception at 6:30 p.m.  For tickets call 954-522-8445 or visit  Tickets are $105.


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