This has to be one of our biggest after hours yet! What a phenomenal turnout, thank you so much to DRC for hosting.  Also a big thanks to Centennial Bank for the delicious food and cold refreshments. We had a lot of fun watching the dolphin show and interacting with our members!

Dolphin Research Center was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 1984 by Jayne Shannon-Rodriguez and Armando “Mandy” Rodriguez. Their goal was to ensure the dolphins had a home here for life, and in doing so to establish a unique education and research facility.

The Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions presently living here provide a range of personalities and backgrounds. Over half of our family was born at the Center, while the other members have either come from other facilities or were rescued, rehabilitated and deemed unreleasable back into the wild by the Government and now have a forever home at Dolphin Research Center.


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