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How to make the most out of your membership in the chamber of commerce

Once you’ve joined a chamber of commerce it’s up to you to make sure you get the most out of your experience and reap the benefits that it can offer. 

If you follow each of these steps, you are sure to gain a valuable experience as well contribute well to your community. 

Attend chamber events regularly

Get a calendar of events from your chamber and start planning the events that you and your employees will be able to attend. 

From seminars that teach more about running and managing a business to networking events with other businesses, you can gain expert knowledge and meaningful relationships to help your business succeed. 

Host your own event

You aren’t limited to attending events hosted by the chamber and other businesses. You can put on your own networking event or seminar and invite chamber and community members alike to attend. 

This helps you provide more value to the community and gives you some great exposure.  


Your chamber will likely have several committees working on different projects at any given point. Volunteer your time to help a specific committee that is right up your alley. Meet new people and gain more exposure in the community as you volunteer. 

Attend ribbon cuttings

Show your support to other local businesses by attending their ribbon cutting ceremonies. If you can’t make it, reach out and congratulate that organization on their membership and be a support to them in that regard. 

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