Welcome New Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce


Need help building a business? Conchit will help you leverage technology to build and also promote your business, community, charity….more

The people, communities and small businesses of America are it’s strength.  They drive the economy and also improve quality of life for everyone.  Since the Internet Age has introduced us to cyber-communities, as well.  People with shared interests and ideas make for strong communities too.

Healthy people are essential to healthy communities.  In this increasingly complex world, with our rapidly aging population, access to timely, accurate health resources is essential. Finding the healthcare information you need can be quite a chore.

Conch IT and it’s network of partners are on a mission to empower local communities and also local businesses.  Central to this mission is giving people all over the country better access to information about their own communities.  News, government services, local business services and also access to healthcare resources…all from the phone that they carry with them everywhere.  Timely information for informed decision making.

Let’s build a great America from the ground up!

Conch It
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