Crane Point Museum & Nature Center is ramping up education programs for young students and needs your help. As part of the new field-trip curriculum, plans are to use the Cracker House located on one of the trails as an education center for new children’s activities. The Cracker House will also serve as a retreat for families walking the trails who want to take a rest or stay dry during surprise rainstorms.
The Cracker House is a replica of the style of homes which were built by Florida’s early pioneers with the idea that the family would live close to nature out of necessity. The house is constructed with a wide shade porch to protect from sun and rain and, at that time in history, also provided additional sleeping space.
Scheduled story times and other activities will be conducted at the Cracker House. Our goal is to add a selection of rocking chairs, adult and child-size, to the porch to further enhance the feeling of “going back in time” and experiencing life in a Cracker House. Please call 305-743-3900 to make a donation toward the Cracker House Rocking Chair Project. A donor name plaque will be added to the chair.
For more information about Crane Point or to volunteer, contact Loretta Geotis at 305-743-3900 or via email at:

Cracker House

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