It’s February, do you feel the love?

Valentine’s Day, hearts, chocolates, jewelry, and other great gifts.  Can you feel the love?  If not, then it sounds like you have some shopping to do, but fret no more!  We have some great stores to frequent to get your special someone that gift you know they deserve, or at least expect.  Places like Cash Flow Jewelry, Midas Touch, Alo Jewelry, DK Style Hut, Uniques by Kennedy Studios, and many more great Marathon Chamber members that offer all kinds of goodies. Of course our two amazing local florists, Marathon Florists and Flowers by J&J.  For more info please visit our website and check out our “shopping” page (

Now back to business and to feeling another kind of love! The love I am speaking of is packed restaurants, stores, roads, hotels, resorts, salons, gyms, and local events.  This is the love we love here at your marathon Chamber of Commerce, because this means that our local business-members are getting some much needed love in the form of revenues and profits!  Sound shallow, selfish, and maybe a tad impersonal?  I think not, since it is you, our local businesses that make our great community tick.  February represents some of our busiest weeks of the calendar year, and it is vital that our businesses do well, thrive, and prosper.

So, as you drive to work, run errands, etc. and get impatient and annoyed with all the traffic, lines, and waiting; please do remember (and smile) that while we do have to wait a wee bit longer, our businesses and community are thriving and feeling the love.  At least this is what helps me as I drive up and down our fine islands in the Middle Keys. So I figured, if it helps me, why not impart this information onto you?

In closing, have an amazing February, thrive and prosper; and remember to feel the love this February!  The 38th annual Original Marathon Seafood Festival (March 8-9) is just over a month away.  Please be sure to call or email us if you are interested in volunteering, being a sponsor, or even a vendor.

Most Respectfully,

Daniel, Samess


Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce

(305) 743-5417


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