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Florida’s Guardian Ad Litem Program Mission. “I am for the Child.”

Program Vision. The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program will continue to be a powerful and effective voice advocating for the best interests of Florida’s abused, abandoned and neglected children and be recognized and respected as a partnership of community advocates and professional staff. To the fullest extent possible, this vision will be realized through volunteers who will advocate as Guardians ad Litem for the children they serve.


Florida Guardian Ad Litem
Florida Guardian Ad Litem


Honorary Guardians ad Litem

Giving, caring, protecting, advocating, listening – these are some of the words that describe the spirit of the Guardian ad Litem Program. Each day, GAL volunteers help shape the future and create hope for the children of Florida who have been neglected and also abused. Their work with the Guardian ad Litem Program on behalf of children is a pursuit of the heart.

GAL volunteers do not work alone however. Floridians from every walk of life support their work. There are many people in the community who work tirelessly for Florida’s children; their work for children is also a pursuit of the heart. Therefore without these community supporters the work of the Florida GAL Program would be much more difficult. The Guardian ad Litem Program has established the title of Honorary Guardian ad Litem for those select community leaders who have gone to great lengths to support the program’s mission and also goals. This page will give you a snapshot of the fine work by these individuals. Hence each of whom deserves our gratitude for the contributions they have made in many areas of child welfare service.

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