Technology is great, but don’t forget to go Old-School Too

Old School; a common phrase used to bring back the good old days, the way it used to be done, the way we used to think, dress, act, and the way we used to treat others.  You have heard (or read) me discuss technology and how it is important that we all keep current, utilize it to market, attract, keep customers, and stay relevant in an ever changing world.  But it is also relevant to remember and utilize some good old fashioned “old school” values when it comes to running and operating our businesses.  One of the most important of these is service and interacting with our customers.

No matter your business you most likely interact with customers on a daily basis.  How many times do we catch ourselves or others looking down at our iPhone while having a conversation; whether to check an email or text?  All the technology around us is actually causing us to be more unsocial.  I believe social skills and abilities are a “use it or lose it” attribute; so as we delve deeper into our smart phones, laptops, iPads, etc. we less and less interact with people, including our customers.  No more is this true than with our younger professionals and generations.

So let’s bring it back, let’s go “old school” and remember to look people in the eye when communicating with them, to stay focused, involved, and engaged in the conversation.  Let’s use some good old fashioned customer service tools like remembering our regular customers’ names, what they like to order, eat, etc.  Let us ask about their family’s health and well-being, and truly show a real interest in them as a person.  Let us set up more face-to-face meetings rather than conference calls via the internet or phone.  Finally, let’s remember and recognize what people really want, which is to be recognized, noticed, and appreciated.  By providing this atmosphere you will improve the service(s) your business provides to your clients; which equates to improved customer loyalty, satisfaction, and sales.

As much as I and your Marathon Chamber appreciate, use, and rely on technology, we will always remember to adhere to “old school” techniques and philosophies when it comes to you, our valued Marathon Chamber of Commerce member.  That is why you will always hear me say that “my door is always open to our members” and that “your Marathon Chamber is here to serve you in any capacity that helps your business.”

Have a great June everyone; and be sure to contact us for any business assistance, needs, or services you may need either directly from us or from someone else we can connect you with.  Our doors are always open and no request is out of bounds.

Most Respectfully,

Daniel Samess                                                                                                                CEO
Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce
(305) 743-5417 

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