I hope you all had a great Holiday and New Year’s! While the holidays are a great time of year, it is nice to get back into
some normalcy. More importantly, it signifies a new year (thank G-d), and a time for new opportunities. Specifically,
opportunities to succeed and prosper regarding our businesses and careers.
With a great and busy Christmas and New Year’s week, we are looking forward to hitting our stride this winter and
spring for our high season. While it’s a stressful time as we continue to deal with the covid-19 pandemic, we can start
to see light at the end of the covid tunnel due to vaccines being initially distributed to medical workers and the elderly.
Per my usual January/New Year’s words of wisdom, here are a few important items to think about, and look into implementing in 2021:
Sound Budgeting & Cash Flow (I like to include this most years because it’s so very important): Update your budget (if you haven’t already) the best you can,
understanding it’s difficult with the pandemic but still important. Your Marathon Chamber (contact us anytime) can help you in updating your budget, better
understanding cash flow, as well as any other financial reports that will help you make sound decisions that will positively affect your business.
Business Assistance Grants, Loans, etc.: a new round of PPP, EIDL Loans, and Advances are about to come out per the newly sign stimulus bill. Please be ready, talk to
your bank, CPA or accountants, etc. and have your documents (tax returns, financial docs, etc.) in order.
Staff Retention & Benefits: Most of you are thin on staff, and strive to maintain staffing levels you have, if not increase them. So how can you accomplish this? Staff not
only go where the money is but where the quality of work and benefits are! Make changes to improve workplace morale, as well as adding any benefits you can to
retain and recruit quality staff. We have been promoting new, affordable healthcare solutions via the Keys To Health program. This may be a great, and affordable way
to offer quality healthcare solutions that may also save your staff (and you) monies. Please contact us for more info on all of the above, and for more on Keys To Health
visit www.Keys2Health.org.
Education & Resources: we should never stop learning/improving, and your Marathon Chamber is here to help with that. Please contact us for any/all your educational
needs. We also partner with our SBDC (Small Business Development Center) who offers 1-1 consulting, training and resources that are all FREE for businesses!
Finally, thank you for being a member of The Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce in 2020, and we look forward to again serving you in 2021. If you have any
questions about your membership renewal invoice please call us anytime. Want to know more about what the Marathon Chamber can do for you and your business?
Please call us to set up an orientation/member benefits meeting; we will travel to your place of business if need be. Our mission is to serve and support you; and we
look forward to doing just that yet again in 2021.
Here’s to a healthy, safe, and fruitful 2021!
Most Respectfully,
Daniel Samess, M.S. • CEO Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce • (305) 743-5417
ceo@floridakeysmarathon.com • www.FloridaKeysMarathon.com • www.RelocateToTheFloridaKeys.com • www.MarathonSeafoodFest.com

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