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TBW has been established in Brasil in the early 90´s, and is located in São Paulo – SP, the financial heart of Latin America, as well as a highly industrial and commercial center.
ACT Medical Corp. has been incorporated in 2010 in the USA, and is located in Marathon – FL, the heart and middle of the Florida Keys, a geographically located gateway to the world.
Covering a wide range of territories, from domestic sales within the US, to almost all countries in Latin America, along with Europe and Africa to a lesser extent, and carrying a high-end portfolio of products, both TBW and ACT join together as part of a growing group of companies with 20+ years of experience on sales, marketing and consulting, focusing on the following markets:

*Endocrinology, Nutrology, Dieticians and all Obesity related professionals
*Sports Medicine, Human Performance/Exercise Physiology Labs, National Olympic Centers, Professional Athletic Teams, Individual Athletes, Personal Trainers, Health Clubs, Gyms, Wellness Centers and Corporate Fitness Facilities

*Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Weight Loss Centers, Nutritional Assessment, Therapy and Rehab Centers
*Hospitals, Intensive/Critical Care, Clinical Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Emergency Room, Paramedic Rescue Units, Labs and Home Care
*Universities, Colleges and Schools with Exercise Physiology, Fitness/Sports Science, Nutrition and Medical Programs; Government and Military Organizations
*Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research
We primarily sell our products direct, keeping our prices relatively low and shipping out from our own warehouses, both in the USA and Brasil, where we keep large, ready-to-go inventory.
Our marketing strategies include exhibits in major trade shows, running advertisements in related magazines, newsletters and other specialized publications, besides special offers to the most relevant opinion leaders in each area.
The exceptional high-quality and unparalleled range of innovative products, along with our dedicated Customer Service, which has been outstanding throughout these years, makes TBW and ACT one of the leading and fastest-growing Company Groups for the health care industry in Latin America.
Information about our group of companies is listed below, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or require any additional assistance.
Warm regards,
Ron Mattar
5409 Overseas Hwy #211
Marathon, FL 33050
Tel: 754-581-4149 Fax: 305-743-3388

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