Dear Valued Member,
Hoping this finds you well. We have decided to again forgo our monthly October events to keep everyone safe and well, but we are now looking at this on a month-month basis and are hoping to (soon) again invite/welcome you to our networking events. As you may have heard from our Facebook page the Governor has moved us into phase III of his reopening plan for FL, masks are still required in all businesses in Monroe County, but restaurants and businesses are able to open to full capacity here should they choose to.
As we move into October, we have a few great, informative webinars and events for you to participate in, and all are free of course:
• October 6th: Opportunity Zones Webinar (12-1PM; see flyer insert)
• October 8th: College of the FL Keys Virtual Presentation & Discussion (12-1PM; see attached flyer)
• October 13th: Florida Keys Candidate Forum (Marathon Chamber & Weekly Newspapers from 6-9PM on Comcast Ch. 76, AT&T Uverse Ch. 99, or MCTV (via Monroe county website, live streaming)
Again, we also continue to offer and help with these grants via Career Source S. FL:
• Layoff Aversion Grants: grants for businesses to apply for to reimburse for certain expenses that allowed staff to work remotely (IT/computer equipment, etc.), office-based supplies/equipment (cleaning supplies, sneeze guards, etc.), short-time compensation program (work-sharing), etc. Grants range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the number of employees.
Lastly, we recently concluded our 2020 Board of Directors elections, congrats to your newly elected Board members this year: Mike Kiraly, Patrick Stevens,
Sara Matthis, Matthew Sexton, Blair Shiver-Nealis, Bill Kelly, and Joann Wagner! If you see any of them please be sure to congratulate them and wish them luck;
all our Board of Directors truly work hard to serve you, our valued business-members.
Please know that our team at your Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce is doing everything we can to assist you and our 540+ members during these unprecedented
times. Thank you, and please be safe (wear your masks) and know that your Marathon Chamber is here for you in any way we are able to assist.
Most Respectfully,
Daniel Samess, M.S. • CEO Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce • (305) 743-5417 • • •

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