Exciting News

Today we are announcing that United Way of the Florida Keys will be merging with United Way of Collier County, bringing us together as United Way of Collier and the Keys. Beginning in April, this unification will allow us to increase our operational efficiency, reduce duplicated internal processes and gain capacity. This will mean donations will go even further towards serving struggling families in the Keys and strengthening our community.

Our current UWFK programs and Community Investment allocations to partner agencies serving the Keys community will continue….support from Monroe County will still serve Monroe County.

Implementation efforts have already begun. Leaders from Monroe and Collier will serve on the new United Way of Collier and the Keys board, ensuring representation from both areas. Local Advisory Boards will also be created with current UWFK board members as a crucial component to identify needs and spearhead local community investment including recommendations for funding and fundraising efforts. Staff will continue to work from our existing office, as I will still oversee Monroe County efforts.

We appreciate your support of UWFK and hope you will join us in our focus on the future; our combined efforts can and will change even more lives of hard-working, paycheck to paycheck Keys residents. More details will be released soon and we will continue to be transparent through this process with online updates. A press release with additional information is attached or available online. If you have any questions, please reach out directly at (305) 735-1929.

United Way of the Florida Keys
PO Box 2143 
Key West, FL 33045



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